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Thanks for passing by! I’m Mahmoud.

I appreciate the value of direct and professional communication.Thus, here I am for you.

As a businessman, I’m interested in management, marketing, training, and Self-Building (human development). I spend most of my time venturing into projects, research, and development in the aforementioned fields.

18 years and counting, my passion for reading, exploring, and training is strong and growing.
Innovation runs in my blood; that’s why I’m always seeking new solutions in the fields that I admire. My life and travels within Canada, Europe, and the Middle East has helped me quite frankly in this regard.

And that’s not all! I’m always on the lookout for what’s new. My compass through any venture is my principles: partnership, openness, innovation, and specialization.
My family remains the source of my inspiration in lively Vancouver as I’m looking out for what’s next in my life.

I’m looking forward to meeting you here, or in your city during one of my business trips. In my website, you will find some of my registered innovations and widespread contributions.
I wish you the best.